Thursday, January 31, 2019

CPAs from Fort Worth joined colleagues from around the state in Austin on Tuesday, January 29, to advocate for the profession.

On the agenda: visit with members of the Texas House of Representatives and Senate and convey the importance of reauthorizing the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy--to the public, not just to the profession.

The team from Fort Worth included: Susan Adams, Michelle Barton, Allyson Baumeister, Rick Baumeister, Brandon Booker, George Carefoot, Nancy Carefoot, Jeff Eaton, Amanda Johnson, Mark Jones, Kathy Kelly, Tram Le, Steve Newcom, Cliff Parker, Norm Robbins, Susan Roberts, Donna Rutter, Michele Soriano, Mary Stanford (with Don Jones), Megan Terrell and Lei Testa. 

CPA visitors were prepped with presentations by legislative pros, including Larry Edgerton, chair, Legislative Coordinators Committee; Joe Gagen, of Cal Capitol Academy; Harvey Kronberg, political commentator an deditor of the Quorum Report; Texas State Senator Charles Perry, a CPA; and John Sharbaugh, director of TSCPA Governmental Affairs. 

After a briefing on the 2019 TSCPA legislative agenda, the Fort Worthians descended on the capitol offices of 18 Texas representatives and senators. Calls were made on  all those representing this region. 

Pictured, left to right: Michele Soriano, Nancy Carefoot, George Carefoot; Donna Rutter, Mary Stanford, Don Jones; Joy Newcom, Sen. Kirk Watson, Steve Newcom; and Michelle Barton, Megan Terrell, Rep. Nicole Collier and Tram Le.


IMG_0325Rep. Collier 2019IMG_0341