There's a new logo for the Texas Society of CPAs and our Chapter.

Over the past two years, the Texas Society has developed a new visual identity for the statewide organization and the twenty chapters. Brandon Booker, president of the Fort Worth Chapter, worked on the volunteer team that guided the design.

The goal is to assure that all members of the Texas Society of CPAs, wherever they are in the state, are represented by a logo that's easy to identify and uniform, and that mirrors our mission: to advance our members' success.

A change in the organization's acronym is part of the new logo; where once you saw TSCPA, now you'll see TXCPA. And where once you saw Fort Worth Chapter TSCPA, now you'll see TXCPA Fort Worth.

Just had lunch with two people from my leadership development class, to catch up. We talked about how we were grateful for all the friendships and opportunities.
- Tram Le, CPA, educator and leader
Leadership Development '14