Why Belong

You can find colleagues online in many ways. Here, you will meet colleagues in person.

We're a 2,300 member strong chapter of the Texas Society of CPAs (known since January 2019 as TXCPA), with offices in Fort Worth. 

Here, you'll find the networking, insight-sharing, service and leadership opportunities only available face-to-face. In addition, through your membership, you'll contribute as an advocate for the profession in Texas. 

Look around, and join us to serve, network and learn.


WELCOME new professionals

If you've recently become a certified public accountant in the Fort Worth region, you belong here!

We welcome you to our professional community.

If you're newly licensed,you're entitled to a free year of membership in the TXCPA and the Fort Worth Chapter.

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How Do I Join?


We are a local chapter of the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants--TXCPA--the statewide association for Texas CPAs.

To be a member of the Fort Worth Chapter, you must be a licensed CPA (in any state), an employee of a CPA, or a business student, who lives or works in one of the Texas counties we serve.

To join, click the button below. You'll be directed to the application portal with 
Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants.




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Members of the Fort Worth Chapter receive an email newsletter every two weeks, with updates on events in Fort Worth and links to local job postings.

As a Chapter member, you're entitled to discounts on technical materials from the world's foremost research organizations. 

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