Monday, January 22, 2018

The Fort Worth Chapter TSCPA annual meeting of members was held at noon on Thursday, January 18, 2018, at the City Club. Chapter president Amanda Johnson presided. 

Vernon Bryant,chairman and CEO, Southwest Bank, was honored for his years of advocacy for the accounting profession across a successful career in banking. 

Elected as Chapter officers for 2018-2019 were Norm Robbins, President-Elect; Jacob Briggs, VP-Membership; Sandra Bembenek, VP-Programs and Secretary; Kathy DuBose, VP-CPE + Learning; Darren Harriott, VP Communications; and Ryan Scharar, Treasurer-Elect. Heading next year's executive committee will be Brandon Booker, currently President-Elect, and Mark Rich, currently Treasurer-Elect. Johnson continues as Past President. In addition, TSCPA and Chapter directors were elected, along with a nominating committee. 

Robbins Booker_Rich 
 Norm Robbins  Brandon Booker and Mark Rich

Graduates of the Leadership Development class of 2017 were honored:
Razlosnick_Wendt_Tonniges_Royce Jenke_Lauderdale_Gibbons_Carter_Adams
Left to right: Brian Razlosnik,
Rachel Wendt, Gary Tonniges
and Abby Royce.
Kourtney Jenke, Justin Lauderdale,
Paula Gibbons, Tiffany Carter and
Carey Adams.

Ten newly-licensed CPAs where honored: Opeyemi Akinlade Sproles Woodard LLP; Christine Carpenter Cook Children's Physician Network; Richard Goeke Sproles Woodard LLP; Caitlin Rankin KPMG LLP; Kelsi Schatz KPMG; Travis Tekell PSK LLP; Marcus Timourian KPMG LLP; Rachel Wendt Huselton Morgan & Maultsby; and Lara Yates Barg & Henson PC.

TSCPA chairman Jim Oliver spoke, giving an update on trends in the profession.

The next meeting of members will be held July 26, 2018, at which time CPAs joining the profession since November, 2017, will be honored.