Thomson Reuters publications are available to Chapter members at a discount

There's a fast and easy way to order Thomson Reuters Quickfinder products--at a discount, as a Fort Worth Chapter member. Simply visit, select the Quickfinder products in the quantity and format you’d like, add them to your cart and checkout with your credit card. Your association discount, sales tax and shipping fees are all calculated automatically.


Quickfinder Handbooks are a quick reference for common tax questions and issues. Each handbook uses plain language, charts, and tables to answer questions easily, with various examples that highlight real-life situations.


Until September 30: click here to save up to 25% on popular Quickfinder handbooks and references--including the 1040 Quickfinder Handbook, updated for the TCJA of 2018.


Member discounts are available on CCH/Wolters Kluwer products for Chapter members

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