Friday, January 25, 2019

From Georgia A. Thomas
C&L Stakeholder Liaison, Area 4 Manager
Communication & Liaison Outreach Field Operations
PH: 346-227-6505

During the current government shutdown, IRS operations are very limited and our ability to respond to requests is also limited. As the Stakeholder Liaison Area Manager for Area 4 which consist of the states of Arizona, Florida, Georgia, New Mexico,  North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas, I am only available to address some matters, including general topics related to the 2019 filing season and suspected tax professional data breaches. Unfortunately, IRS employees are not available to participate in or support any partner events during the shutdown. 

For additional information about IRS services during the shutdown, please visit IRS Operations During the Appropriations Lapse.  Additionally, I will be periodically sending 2019 filing season and tax information to you for distribution through your communications channels. 

You may contact me by phone at 346-227-6505  by email at *C&L SL Area.4.  When the government shutdown is over, our regular Stakeholder Liaison staff will resume responsibility as your point of contact. 

We appreciate your patience during this period.