Thursday, July 12, 2018

Don Barg, TSCPA Relations with the IRS committee,  requests that any issues for the IRS Stakeholder Liaison be forwarded to him. "These can be issues for the local business operating units or any type of issue you are incurring with IRS policies, practices or procedures in general."

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First Friday Hot Issues Summary – July 6, 2018

IMRS Monthly Overview

The IMRS Monthly Overview contains an update of issues opened and closed each month.

We Wanted You to Know!

Tax Reform guidance:

Visit the Tax Reform page on frequently for updated information.

Revised 1040

As part of a larger effort to help taxpayers, the Internal Revenue Service plans to streamline the Form 1040 into a shorter, simpler form for the 2019 tax season.   

The early release draft 1040 and draft schedules are available at &

There is a 30-day comment period for this draft form. Submit comments about this draft Form 1040 to  IRS cannot respond to all comments due to the high volume we receive and some suggestions may be considered on subsequent revisions. 


IRS offers informative Webinars for Tax Practitioners (CE credit offered) and  Webinars for Small Business.  

Upcoming Webinars:

  • Tax Scams, July 19th

Tax Scams

Reminder: Watch out for scams this summer.  Don’t let your guard down! Scams continue throughout the year.  Keep an eye on our Tax Scams/Consumer Alerts

webpage which highlights the recent tax scams that target taxpayers and tax pros.

Practitioner Data Loss

All tax professionals should be aware that they, too, are targets of cybercriminals seeking access to client data in order to file fraudulent tax returns for refunds. Are you prepared?  IRS Criminal Investigation division invites you to share and view these You Tube videos:

Why a Tax Professional needs a security plan 

What to do after a tax professional data compromise   

IRS National Tax Forums

Attend the 28th IRS National Tax Forum and learn the latest on Federal and State Taxes while interacting with colleagues. Register at  (The San Diego Tax Forum is sold out)

Regional Practitioner Meetings (Texas and New Mexico)

Register today at a location near you. Earn 7 CE credits. Regional Practitioner meetings are brought to you in partnership with local chapters of NATP, NSEA, NMCPA and Small Business Development Centers.

Texas Regional Practitioner Meetings

Santa Fe, New Mexico Regional Practitioner Meeting

Follow-up to Previous Issues:

Difficulty searching for tax guidance.

Issue: You told us that it is difficult searching for specific guidance. 

Response: You can search for specific guidance on the advance guidance page at The Service releases the full text of revenue rulings, revenue procedures, and other technical items in advance of publishing them in the Internal Revenue Bulletin (IRB). You can Subscribe to IRS GuideWire to get notified by e-mail when the IRS issues advance copies of tax guidance such as Regulations, Revenue Rulings, Revenue Procedures, Announcements, and Notices. For a publication of all IRS guidance, see the Internal Revenue Bulletin

Status: Closed.

e-Services page not user friendly

Issue: Practitioners are having trouble using the recently upgraded e-Services. Can the IRS provide more information on how to use the new system?


We elevated this issue and improvements have been made to this page.

  • Redesigned landing page was revealed on July 2nd.
  • Fewer “GO” buttons, less clutter and easier to use.
  • Links for Transcript Delivery Service, TIN Matching, e-File Provider Services, ACA Services and State Agency Services.

Please provide me with your Feedback, IRS is still working on enhancing this page further and are interested in what you think about it.

Status: Closed

New Issues:

Questionable correspondence from IRS

Issue: Practitioner’s client received a letter from the IRS and the format caused them to question if it was a valid correspondence.  The letter was from an exam field group and not from a campus.  The practitioner faxed the letter to their local Stakeholder Liaison who verified that the correspondence was valid.    

Response: Contact your local SL for assistance on any document you are not sure is a valid document from IRS. 

Status: Closed


IRS has not been sending out notices concerning balance due.

Issue: Practitioner states that she is noticing a trend in her area of taxpayers being billed and never receiving a letter from the IRS.  She wondered if anyone else has been experiencing the same issues? She also provided a fax of a Private Debt correspondence that doesn’t show the amount owed on the debt. During the call, one practitioner offered that practitioners should perform due diligence because it’s unlikely that their clients have never received a notice of balance due from the IRS.     


Taxpayers and their representative can confirm their account was transferred to a private collection agency by requesting an Account Transcript. If taxpayers are unsure if they have an unpaid tax debt from a previous year – which is what the private collection firms will handle – they can go to View Your Tax Account and check their account balance. 

Status: Closed

POA copy of PDC correspondence

Issue: Practitioners want to know if POAs will receive a copy of taxpayer correspondence from Private Debt Collectors.


The IRS will give each taxpayer and their representative written notice that their account is being transferred to a private collection agency. The agency will then send a second, separate letter to the taxpayer and their representative confirming this transfer. POA’s should receive a copy of letters sent from Private Debt Collectors. The IRS continues to work with all PDC companies to ensure they are following the POA correspondence procedure.     

Status: Closed

Passport revocation and POA

Issue: Practitioners want to know if POAs will receive a copy of a Passport Revocation notice that is sent to taxpayers.


The POA will not receive a copy of the Passport Revocation Notice CP508C.  The notice states: If you have a power of attorney (POA) you will need to contact your POA directly since the information in this notice may not be covered under the POA filed. A link to the notice is on Understanding your CP508C notice webpage.

Status: Closed