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Peer Roundtables

Participate in a professional peer roundtable to find the support you need to advance your career in the accounting profession. 



An empathetic, knowledgeable group of peers will clarify and support attainment of your career goals.



Monthly gathering of a self-selected group of10 – 15 CPAs for a 90 minute exchange of insights and mutual support, supported by a trained meeting facilitator.



Open to licensed certified public accountants in the Fort Worth region. Must be a member of Fort Worth CPAs (a chapter of the Texas Society of CPAs) and under 40 years of age.



Each participant commits to participate (miss no more than two meetings of 12 in the year), contribute (speak during meetings), hold information confidential (Chatam House rule) and hold fellow participants accountable for commitments. No fee. 



Offices of Fort Worth CPAs: 550 Bailey, Suite 225, in Fort Worth 76107, the cultural district.



At a regular, predetermined date and time, once per month for one year. A group will form when an adequate number of participants commits, beginning in January, 2018, and will hold 12 monthly meetings before deciding whether to continue or dissolve. 



Fill out the form below and we’ll let you know when a group forms at the time of day you request.

Questions? Email the Chapter office. 

Please complete the following information and submit to indicate your interest. Groups will form based on the availability of participants for a specific time of day and day of the week. 

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