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Fort Worth accounting and finance professional staffing firms

This posting should not be construed as a recommendation for any firm or member of that firm's staff.

Chapter Member Firms
Firms with Individual Members of Fort Worth Chapter TSCPA as Professional Staff

 Member Name  Firm
 Phone Number
Michelle Griffin, CPA Griffin Search Partners (817) 479-4798
Cliff Parker, CPA Parker and Associates (817) 332-7757
Tatiana Markov, CPA Recruiting Edge LLC (817) 732-4473
Britton Pavlic, CPA Thomas, Edwards Group Inc (817) 502-8195

Some (not all) recruiting agencies in the region choose to post their availability to serve clients on this site. The Fort Worth Chapter TSCPA does not recommend these firms to the exclusion of others. This is where Chapter staff recommend when members ask for help expanding their team.

In order to qualify for placement on top of the page, you must have a CPA member on your staff. For more information, please call the Chapter office.