About Fort Worth CPAs

Our Mission
The Fort Worth Chapter, Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants, (TSCPA), founded in 1929, is an organization of approximately 2,600 members. The Chapter, together with the TSCPA, works to enhance the integrity of the CPA certificate by developing members and volunteers by implementing programs that build professional skills, broaden public perception of CPAs’ knowledge and services, and facilitating members’ delivery of services to meet market needs.

Our Organizing Documents

Our Leadership
A list of members currently serving in positions of elected leadership.

Our Location
550 Bailey Avenue, Suite 225
Fort Worth, Texas 76107
Map and parking instructions

Our Relationship with the Texas Societyof Certified Public Accountants and
Other TSCPA Chapters
Fort Worth Chapter TSCPA is affiliated with the Texas Society of Certified Public Accountants; Chapter directors are also directors of the TSCPA. For more information about TSCPA, please go to www.TSCPA.org For more information about other chapters of the TSCPA, please use this link.

Availability of Financial Information for Public Inspection
Records, books and annual reports thereon, for the current year and three prior years, are maintained at the Chapter's principal office, 550 Bailey Ave, Suite 225, Fort Worth, Texas, 76107. These records are available for inspection and copying during regular business hours; the Chapter charges a fee of $.10 per page to prepare a copy of a report or record.

Chapter Staff

  • Kathy R. Kelly, Executive Director Email
  • Michelle Barton, Accounting Manager Email
  • Jennifer Davis, Membership and Communications Manager Email